The latest update for the Tek-CARE® software is now released. A list of updates and changes can be found below. See more detailed information following the list.

The latest software release:

  • Adds a default assignment of all staff to all devices- to simplify basic configurations
  • Adds a secondary dome annunciation option to all stations
  • Simplifies Config Tool based on licensed features
  • Adds the ability to insert images/text into SF123 label generator

The update also adds various TC120 updates, including:

  • Fix for Slow flash rate
  • Changes Point 5 default to “Aux Input 1″ on PM123
  • Adds check-in to virtual stations
  • Adds the ability to use an SF123 as a room reset and check-in button

There are also updates to the NC415, including:

  • The option to disable tone silence for each NC415 (option default: disabled)
  • The addition of the check-in setup screen for NC415s
  • Volume control and screen brightness can now be password protected

Room–Level Reset and Check-In

In the latest update, room-level reset is now available on the Tek-CARE120. All calls in one room can be reset using the SF123 in reset/check-in mode.

Also available for the TC120 is the ability to satisfy a check-in requirement. Using the new Reset/Check-In function for the SF123, the station can be programmed to a specific time window. When the check-in button is pressed within the window, the call is satisfied. Check-In is also available using the PM123 auxiliary module. The PM123 can be programmed to have a certain state satisfy the requirement (i.e. using a door monitor to identify a closed door) at any time during the specified window, or to have a change of state (i.e. door opens or closes) satisfy the requirement. Existing check-in windows can also be viewed and assigned to stations from the NC415 master station.

Secondary Dome Light

In addition to the current dome light and zone light, a secondary dome light can now be added. Calls can now be forwarded to a dome light at a local second station in addition to its connected dome light and zone light.

Tone Silence Disabled

The NC415 master station now includes the option for a universal tone silence disable. When this option is selected, it will prevent any tones from being silenced at the master station.

Label Customization

The SF123 label generator in the Config Tool now provides the option to add images. Users can search for and insert custom images, including facility logos, for use on the SF123.


When updating software on the Tek-CARE120, if the LI122 room controllers are flashing the red or blue programming pattern, let them complete this activity until they stop flashing. Once they stop, wait about 20 seconds, then the units should be done updating. The room controllers pull software from the NC120 central unit, and powering down or resetting the system before the update is completed could cause issues between the room controllers and the central station.


For full details on the release, check out the training webinar here:

The updated Tek-CARE120 manual is available here:

Information is also available via our Sales Department at 800.327.8466, option 2.

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Effective immediately due to parts availability, the SF339 emergency switch used with the NC110, NC150, NC200, NC300II, Tek-CARE®500 and Tek-CARE400P5 systems is discontinued.

This station places an emergency call using a mushroom style push button. The alternative is an emergency switch with optional pull cord. The alternative part number will vary based on the system required.

Please contact the Sales Department at (800)327-8466 option 2 for the system appropriate emergency station replacement.

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Happy Nursing Assistants Week to all CNAs and direct-care workers! Thank you for the care you provide your patients.

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June 14 – 16, 2017
InfoComm 2017
ADI Booth #743
Orlando, FL
Orange County Convention Center

TekTone is partnering with ADI for InfoComm International June 14 – 16, 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. TekTone representatives will be on-site at the ADI booth demonstrating the new Tek-CARE®120 nurse call system.

ADI is the leading global wholesale distributor of security and low voltage products with more than 200 worldwide locations. TekTone is proud to provide systems through ADI to companies and facilities across the United States.

The Tek-CARE120 is TekTone’s newest nurse call system. The tone/visual system provides sleek, discreet, touchscreen master stations, LED dome lights and customizable call stations. The Tek-CARE120 requires simple, two-wire installation and maintains a UL® 1069 listing, making it the right fit for facilities around the world. The system can also integrate with third party systems, existing nurse call, wander management and wireless nurse call.


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TekTone customer Tri-Signal Integration, Inc. will be exhibiting at the LeadingAge Arizona Conference & Expo in Scottsdale, AZ, May 31 – June 2, 2017. The conference will be held at We-Ko-Pa Resort & Conference Center.

TekTone offers a wide range of products through Tri-Signal Integration, including the Tek-CARE120 nurse call system. The TekCARE120 is a UL® listed  aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly affordable nurse call system designed for easy installation and years of trouble-free operation in a variety of healthcare facilities, such as skilled nursing, senior living, assisted/independent living, urgent care, clinics, and ambulatory surgical centers. It can also be integrated with existing nurse call, wireless nurse call and third party systems such as fire alarm.

For more information about TekTone systems, stop by Tri-Signal’s booth at LeadingAge Arizona.

May 31 – June 2, 2017
LeadingAge Arizona
Tri-Signal Integration Booth
We-Ko-Pa Resort & Conference Center
Scottsdale, AZ

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MemorialDay_TTTekTone® will be closed Monday, May 29, 2017.

May we never forget those who have fought for our freedom, and may we celebrate the lives of those who have truly made America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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“Always In Service” provides the theme for EMS Week 2017, which runs from May 21 – 27. Emergency Medical Service providers are “always in service,” providing life-saving procedures and care 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Whether volunteer or as part of a career, EMS providers work long hours and consistently put the needs of others ahead of their own. They are a pillar of every community, dispatching real-life heroes into the midst of chaos to handle every situation and ensure the safety of everyone around them.

TekTone thanks all EMS heroes! We are grateful everyday for your service.

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National Nursing Home Week2From May 14 – 20, 2017, we celebrate National Nursing Home Week!

Skilled nursing centers provide a safe and unique experience to their residents and family members alike. It is in nursing centers that senior and disabled residents, nursing staff, administration, volunteers, family members and people from all walks of life can connect and interact. National Nursing Home Week aims to celebrate those connections and the experiences that bring us all together.

TekTone celebrates nursing homes around the country and the service that they provide. This week, take time to visit a nursing home, whether it be to visit a loved one or to volunteer your time. Be sure to thank the staff members for providing the greatest level of care to the Greatest Generation.


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May 6 – 12, 2017 is National Nurses Week. During this week, we take time to celebrate nurses in every field for their tireless work and dedication to their patients.

TekTone would like to say thank you to all nurses for everything that you do. A nurse is usually the first person a patient or resident will see and will be the first person they call on in need. The dedication and care that nurses provide are the backbone of the healthcare industry, and we are grateful for your commitment to caring.

Tell a nurse how much they are appreciated this week!

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Since its release in 2010, healthcare facilities around the world have decided to choose the Tek-CARE®400P5 for its level of flexibility and customization. After choosing to upgrade to the Tek-CARE®400P5, the staff at Heritage Ministries in Gerry, NY took notice of the multicolor LED dome lights available. With 8 colors to choose from, the call type possibilities were virtually endless, and they knew that with programming, they could help improve their call response times at every facility they own and operate. At Heritage Green, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility operated by Heritage Ministries, the results have been tangible. Jeff Ondrey, Director of Nursing Operations, is especially excited about the results.

“So far we have seen significant improvement in call bell response times, particularly at Heritage Green, where historically this had been a common complaint expressed by residents,” noted Ondrey. “We now average less than 5 minutes per call. Additionally, it appears that there [are] less than 5% of calls that exceed 15 minutes of wait time.”

Along with Tek-CARE reporting, the Tek-CARE®400P5 assists Heritage Ministries in achieving their goal of lower call response times and allowing the staff to analyze what works and what needs to change.


Heritage Green in Greenhurst, NY

To read the full story about Heritage Green, please visit the case study on our website.

For more information on how the Tek-CARE®400P5 can be the right fit for your facility, contact our sales department at (800)327-8466 option 3 or fill-out the contact form on our website.


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