TekTone® will exhibit at the 2017 LeadingAge Georgia and South Carolina Conference at the Marriot Resort in Hilton Head, SC March 27 – 29. The conference brings together attendees from both states as they share learning experiences and attend the expo with vendors from around the country.

TekTone provides solutions to healthcare communities throughout South Carolina and Georgia. The Tek-CARE® platform offers flexible solutions through hard-wired and wireless nurse call, alert integration and wander management. With Tek-CARE, staff and residents can be assured that their needs will be met and calls will be received, whether at the nurses station, via pager or even within the Tek-CARE® App for iOS and Apple TV.

Stop by the TekTone booth to talk to us about your community’s needs!

March 27 – 29, 2017
LeadingAge GA/SC
Hilton Head Marriott Resort
Hilton Head, SC


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tcac logo 2017TekTone is excited for the Customer Advisory Council to tour the newly redesigned headquarters and participate in new product development and product planning.

Welcome to all council members from around the country!

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A TekTone® representative will join TekTone Elite Partner Pathway Technologies at the North Carolina Healthcare Facilities Association Annual Convention and Expo February 26 – March 1 in Greensboro, NC.

The NCHCFA Convention is the largest of its kind in the Southeast, featuring 170 vendors from around the country.

TekTone® is proud to support healthcare communities in North Carolina and surrounding regions with the Tek-CARE® platform. Featuring everything from nurse call systems to wander management and the ability to integrate with exisitng nurse call, the Tek-CARE® platform provides solutions for every community.

February 26-March 1, 2017
Pathway Technologies Booth
Joseph S. Koury Convention Center
Greensboro, NC

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new bldg

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TekTone® is excited to release the PM123 Auxiliary Input Module for the Tek-CARE®120.

Each PM123 Auxiliary Input Module provides 2 inputs capable of monitoring normally open dry contacts. This allows the Tek-CARE®120 system to monitor devices such as door contacts, security panel outputs, and more. PM123 modules may be connected to LI122, LI122BL, and PM120 room controllers. With the auxiliary input module, additional components may be connected to the Tek-CARE®system.

PM123 aux input PM123 aux input inside

For more detailed information, please contact the sales department at (800)327-8466 option 2 or view the spec sheet on our website.

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eweek 2017

February 19th marks the start of Engineers Week 2017. EWeek (February 19–25, 2017) is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers.

At TekTone®, all products are made possible through research and development by our engineering department. From competitive analysis and suggestions from the field, they take ideas and bring them to life. TekTone’s most recent achievement, the Tek-CARE®120, is an engineering feat designed to replace many existing nurse call systems with minimal effort. The fluidity of use and aesthetically pleasing design were designed and manufactured all within the walls of our facility in North Carolina. The recent release of the Tek-CARE® app also demonstrates the never-ending capabilities of the engineering team and their ability to innovate and expand within the Tek-CARE® product line.

Because engineers are so vital, TekTone® assists in the education of local engineering students. TekTone’s engineering department participates in combined programs with Western Carolina University where students can receive hands-on experience with research and development, including the development of products as a part of their capstone course.

The development of engineers starts at a young age, so encourage young students to follow their passion for engineering. Engineers play an ever-increasing role in our day-to-day lives. Take time to celebrate their work this week!

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Effective immediately, the PK800A auxiliary power supply for the NC110, 150 and 200 systems is discontinued.

The discontinuation of the PK800A will not alter the capacity load for any of the affected systems. In installations where power consumption is beyond the capabilities of one IH151NK or PK152 power supply, additional IH151NKs can be purchased and installed to use with the original power supply instead of the PK800A.

For more information, please contact the sales department at (800)327-8466 option 2.


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TekTone_logo_Intl_Sales_maxTekTone® will exhibit at Medical Japan 2017 in Osaka February 15 – 17, 2017.

Japan is a burgeoning international market for healthcare, and TekTone® continues to develop relationships with customers and communities there.

TekTone® will demonstrate the new Tek-CARE®120. It is designed for easy and simple installation and use. With customizable, two-button stations and a sleek and a discreet master, the Tek-CARE®120 is the right fit for any healthcare community.

February 15-17, 2017
Medical Japan 2017
34d International Medical Expo & Conference
Osaka, Japan


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Responding to requests, TekTone® is pleased to present the LI122BL- a fully UL Listed equivalent to the LI122 red-and-white dome light and room controller.TheLI122BL LI122BL features two blue segments and two white segments. Its mounting and connections will also be familiar to those already familiar with the LI122. The unit features the same high reliability LED illumination for trouble-free operation.

The blue-and-white dome light and room controller is the perfect option for Tek-CARE®120 systems maintained in Code Blue areas, or areas where a higher priority call type is desired beyond red or white.

For more information, view the IL996 spec sheet or contact the sales department at (800)327-8466 option 2. For the Tek-CARE®120, visit our website.

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TekTone® Elite Partner Advanced Wireless Communications will be exhibiting at LeadingAge Minnesota in St. Paul February 8-10. Stop by their booth to learn more about nurse call solutions and what TekTone® has to offer for communities.

2017 marks the 50th anniversary for the LeadingAge Minnesota Institute. The expo is the largest of its kind in the Upper Midwest, bringing in over 4,000 individuals and over 230 vendors from all over.

TekTone®joins LeadingAge Minnesota in celebrating over 40 years in business. Since 1973, TekTone® has manufactured communications for every type of facility. The Tek-CARE®product line features wireless and hard-wired nurse call, emergency call and wander management systems that can be integrated and connected to provide real-time alerts centrally and via mobile.


Feb. 8-10, 2017
LeadingAge Minnesota Institute and Expo
Advanced Wireless Communications Booth #547
St. Paul, MN


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